6th International Languages and The Media Conference and Exhibition

Berlin, 25 - 27 October 2006

Free Access - Priceless Rights?
The proliferation of distribution channels for news, information and entertainment (public and private broadcasting, digital TV and cinema, video-on-demand, pay TV, cable, satellite, DSL, DVD, internet, mobile content, download-to-own services, paid and free content, etc.) and constantly diversifying audiences are creating new and exciting scenarios for language transfer and applications. Translation takes on new meaning in this global distribution network and the cost-deadlines-quality equation is volatile.

Some consumers see accessibility as a basic human right to be enjoyed for all media continuously and free of charge. For other players in the game, distribution means high stakes and business strategies where language quality plays a crucial and costly role. While legislation in many countries compels broadcasters to ensure that the deaf and hard-of-hearing, the blind and partially sighted have access to news, information and entertainment on television, other providers see the value of targeting new markets in terms of revenue, social responsibility, immigrant integration or literacy enhancing tools. Converging technologies offer priceless opportunities to reach new audiences. However, language accessibility and translation for diverse target groups are not without their price. Changes in the mediascape are having a huge impact on all sectors of the market, from producers, broadcasters and other distributors to the various types of translators and interpreters working in audiovisual media. The 6th International Languages and The Media Conference and Exhibition will examine the various perspectives of translation for worldwide and local distribution and its impact on audiences, literacy and accessibility. It will take a bird’s eye view of new opportunities for viewers and new tools for translators and language providers. It will examine the issues of free access and priceless rights. [url=http://www.languages-media.com/lang_media_2006/conference.php]:: Go to Conference website[/url]

Posted by Chris Rundle on 30th Sep 2006
in Conference Diary

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