EST Summer School Scholarship

Call for applications

Ever since it was founded in September 1992, EST has focused on drawing attention to new research in Translation Studies, and encouraging young scholars to join the collective endeavour. Since 2003, the Executive Board of EST has sponsored one participant per year attending a summer school of research in translation studies.

This year again, EST will sponsor one EST-member to attend a TS Summer School.

The scholarship will be for 1,000 Euros. The deadline for submitting applications for the EST Summer School Scholarship will be 15 May 2006. The applications will be scrutinized by a committee consisting of Alexandra Assis Rosa, Barbara Ahrens, Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast, Gyde Hansen, Miriam Shlesinger and Sonia Vandepitte. They will base their judgement on the application as a whole, taking into account all information asked for: the technical quality of the project, the applicant’s competences and needs, and the relationship between the project and the summer school programme intended to follow. Students preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of translation studies are invited to apply. To do so, please fill in the electronic application form (including the attachments) and send it to Sonia Vandepitte – Along with the form, applicants will be asked to submit the letter of recommendation from their dissertation advisor by regular mail or fax to: Dr. Sonia Vandepitte School of Translation Studies Hogeschool Gent Groot-Brittanniëlaan 45 B-9000 Gent Belgium Fax: + 32 9 224 97 01 Receipt of complete applications (both electronic and regular/fax) will be acknowledged by e-mail. The name of the scholarship recipient will be announced on the EST website on 20 June 2006 and a notice will also be sent (by e-mail) to each of the candidates. EST Summer School Scholarship ‏2006 Application form Name Address E-mail address Departmental, institutional and/or occupational affiliation(s) Name of dissertation advisor Title and description of candidate’s doctoral project, including background and rationale for selecting the topic; overall structure and theoretical background (maximum two pages). Add a list of the relevant literature. Briefly indicate stage of progress (maximum 150 words - Note: this is not meant to exclude projects that are still in their early stages.) Candidate’s expectations of the Summer School and its potential contribution to the project (maximum 250 words) Other scholarships received in relation to this project Brief explanation as to why a scholarship is needed (maximum 150 words) Please attach: Short curriculum vitae, focusing on relevant professional and academic background (max. 1p.) List of candidate’s publications, if any Electronic version of the letter of recommendation from your dissertation advisor

Posted by The Editors on 6th Apr 2006
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