Studien zur Übersetzungsgeschichte

The new book series published by Franz Steiner Verlag and edited by Andreas Gipper, Lavinia Heller, and Robert Lukenda

In recent decades, the history of translation has grown into a dynamic research area that has developed under the programmatic label translational turn into a field of work that transcends disciplinary boundaries. The translation-related perspective has proved productive for many historical sciences. It makes it possible to look at those transfer and transformation processes - and their supporting actors - that, on the one hand, determine the perception of linguistic, cultural, academic or national identities and boundaries, and, on the other hand, form the prerequisite for the questioning, dissolution and reorientation of cultural and social structures. In the sense of a fundamentally translatological policy, the series Studien zur Übersetzungsgeschichte [Studies on the History of Translation] is intended to form an international and interdisciplinary forum for all historical sciences affected by the translational turn.

Key target groups: scientists in the fields of Translational Studies, Cultural Studies, Comparative Studies, History, Literary Studies.

Open for: monographs, anthologies, translations of texts about translation history, which are not yet available in German or English.

Submission: manuscripts should be sent to the editor or the publisher. The decision on publication is based on a peer review process.

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Posted by The Editors on 21st Oct 2019
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