Transmedial Turn? Potentials, Problems, and Points to Consider

University of Tartu, Estonia, 8-10 December 2020

The conference will take place online

As the title of the conference indicates, the central topic of inquiry is the cultural shift from logocentric to increasingly intersemiotic, intermedial and transmedial processes and its impact on disciplines that study textual transfers, relations between semiotic systems or media, and new media practices. We foreground the notion ‘transmedia’ – with its prefix trans- meaning ‘across’, ‘beyond’, ‘through’ – to highlight the ubiquity of processes and phenomena of media crossovers.

The conference aims at bringing together scholars from disciplines interested in textual transfers across languages, genres and media, among them Translation Studies, Semiotics, and Adaptation Studies, and to promote a more complex understanding of the transmedial processes and phenomena in culture, particularly of the diverse and novel theoretical perspectives, concepts and methods used in various disciplines for approaching these processes and phenomena.


Irina Rajewsky, Free University of Berlin

Thomas Leitch, University of Delaware

Anthony Pym, University of Melbourne


Peeter Torop, University of Tartu

Lars Elleström, Linnaeus University

Posted by The Editors on 1st Dec 2020
in Conference Diary

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