Marcello Soffritti & Maurizio Viezzi

An exchange on Gambier & Doorlsaer (2009)

Marcello Soffritti and Maurizio Viezzi interact at a distance on the book edited by Yves Gambier and Luc Van Doorslaer, The Metalanguage of Translation (Amsterdam/Philadelphia, Benjamins, 2009), highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of the book develops, in both cases, into a reflection on the state of the discipline as a whole, and on the ways to improve its quality and its perception in the wider field of humanities.

Published September 2012 [In Italian].

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Recensione di Gambier & Van Doorslaer (2009)

Marcello Soffritti (Università di Bologna, Italy)

Pregi e difetti del libro

Risposta alla recensione di Marcello Soffritti di Gambier & Van Doorslaer (2009)

Maurizio Viezzi (Università di Trieste, Italy)