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Quality in interpreting: A shared responsibility

11-15 April 2007, Sydney, Australia.
The closing dates for the submission of abstracts are: 25 June 2006 (hard copy) and
30 June 2006 (on-line).

Abstracts will be accepted under the following topics: * Topic 1: The role of government in improving quality of interpreting services * Topic 2: The role of accreditation bodies and professional associations in improving quality of interpreting services * Topic 3: The interpreter’s responsibility in improving quality of interpreting * Topic 4: The responsibility of other professions in improving quality of interpreting services (the legal profession, the medical profession, the nursing profession etc) * Topic 5: The role of agencies & freelancers in improving and maintaining quality of interpreting services * Topic 7: Studies in medical, legal and other professional discourse and their relevance to informing interpreting practice * Topic 8: Research into community interpreting and translation (research studies in legal, medical and public service interpreting) * Topic 9: Maintaining quality of interpreting in specific settings (e.g. interpreting for refugees, interpreting in times of conflict, interpreting for indigenous communities, interpreting for languages of limited diffusion) * Topic 10: How can quality be improved through training? (training courses, curriculum development and resources, distance education, train the trainer courses) * Topic 11: The role of technology in improving quality (translation memory packages, electronic dictionaries, training software etc) * Topic 12: Establishing standards and quality in countries where the profession is new and underdeveloped (updates and challenges from countries new to community interpreting) NB We will only accept papers on this topic from countries not previously represented at CL Congresses * Topic 13: The perspective on quality from the point of view of service providers (e.g. lawyers, medical practitioners, welfare workers, etc), and from the other language speakers * Topic 14: Improving quality through development of a standard role definition (role confusion, controversies, consequences, etc) * Topic 15: The significance of ethical issues and how unethical and incompetent interpreting can become a barrier to communication and quality (ethical principles, code of ethics, ethical challenges, ethical dilemmas) * Topic 16: What is quality interpreting? * Topic 17: What is accuracy? * Topic 18: How can quality of interpreting improve working conditions and remuneration? * Topic 19: Quality issues in Community Translation The Organising Committee and the Science Program Committee in selecting submissions for oral presentation will base their decision on the quality of the abstracts and availability within the appropriate session. Authors who submit abstracts for poster presentations will be invited to display a poster, subject to the author’s abstract being accepted.

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