Traduire l’Autre. Pratiques interlinguistiques et écritures ethnographiques.

Antonio Laveri et Danielle Londei (sous la dir.)

Harmattan Italia. Collection(s): Cahiers d’ethnotraductologie
2018. ISBN (ITALIA) 978-88-7892-347-8. ISBN (France) 978-2-336-31225-5.

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InDialog 3

Interpreter Practice, Research and Training: the Impact of Context

Antwerp on 21-22 November 2019

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Women, Language(s) and Translation in the Italian Tradition

7-8 November 2018. Riley Auditorium, Gillespie Centre, Clare College, Cambridge

This two-day conference intends to explore women’s roles in the circulation of ideas and the dissemination of knowledge in the Italian tradition, across the centuries, by means of translations. It focuses on the role of women as translators, as well as, more broadly, agents of all kinds (e.g. translations for women, commissioning of translations by women) in the production and circulation of translations. It also discusses the translations of Italian women writers’ works into other languages.

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CFP: Theories and Methods for History of Translation

Romanisches Seminar, University of Zurich, 15-16 April 2019

An International Congress that aims to offer an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on purely methodological issues.

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Interdisciplinarity and Translation Studies

Syn-Τhèses 10

The present volume of the journal Syn-Thèses aspires to contribute to the study of both translation studies’ multiple relationship with other disciplines and the challenges that this relationship might bring about, as well as to the study of potential changes in the nature of the field itself. In this context, the contributions could discuss theoretical models and approaches, case studies, methods, practices and specific applications related to the whole range of Translation Studies when in contact with other scientific fields.

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Translation as Political Act/ La traduction comme acte politique/ La traduzione come atto politico

Call for papers

International Conference at the University of Perugia, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche in collaboration with the Genealogies of Knowledge project (University of Manchester). 9-10 May 2019

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Translating and Interpreting Linguistic and Cultural Differences in a Migrant Era

Special issue of I-LanD Journal – Identity, Language and Diversity

The next monographic issue of the I-LanD Journal will be centred on exploring the role which translation and interpreting play as activities which potentially foster the recognition or misrecognition of, amongst others, sexual, ethnic, racial and class differences in an era of great waves of migrations, and will be edited by Eleonora Federici (University L’Orientale, Naples), and Rosario Martín Ruano and África Vidal Claramonte (University of Salamanca).

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A special issue of International Journal of Language & Law on EU Legal Culture and Translation

A special issue of International Journal of Language & Law on EU Legal Culture and Translation, guest edited by Vilelmini Sosoni and Lucja Biel, vol. 7 (2018) (open access)

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