La terra desolata 2022

From the work of T. S. Eliot

Translated by: Massimiliano Morini

Published in: Poems

Attorno alla casa

From the work of Marcos Siscar

Translated by: Irma Caputo

Published in: Poems

L’Amour Libre di Madeleine Vernet

From the work of Madeleine Vernet

Translated by: Marilena Genovese

Published in: Prose

Un racconto breve di Étienne Verhasselt

From the work of Étienne Verhasselt

Translated by: Fabio Regattin

Published in: Prose

Barbarismos di Andrés Neuman: la sfida di tradurre un dizionario.

From the work of Andrés Neuman

Translated by: Raffaella Tonin

Published in: Prose

Sette poesie di Fëdor Sologub

From the work of Fëdor Sologub

Translated by: Linda Torresin

Published in: Poems

Il Baleniere

From the work of David Mence

Translated by: Angela Tiziana Tarantini

Published in: Prose

Arash the Archer

From the work of Siavash Kasra'i

Translated by: Abbas Mehrpooya

Published in: Poems