Sette poesie di Fëdor Sologub

From the work of Fëdor Sologub

Translated by: Linda Torresin

Published in: Poems

Il Baleniere

From the work of David Mence

Translated by: Angela Tiziana Tarantini

Published in: Prose

Arash the Archer

From the work of Siavash Kasra'i

Translated by: Abbas Mehrpooya

Published in: Poems

Le colpe dei padri

From the work of George Gissing

Translated by: Luigi Gussago & Brian Zuccala

Published in: Prose

Dire la verità mentendo

From the work of Almeida Garrett

Translated by: Anabela Cristina Costa da Silva Ferreira

Published in: Prose

La Stella del Vespro

From the work of Colette

Translated by: Chiara Carlino

Published in: Prose

Ananda il miracoloso

From the work of Richard Garnett

Translated by: Alessandra Calvani

Published in: Prose

Segni di decomposizione

From the work of Norberto Luis Romero

Translated by: Giuseppe Trovato

Published in: Prose