Special Issue: New Findings in Corpus-based Interpreting Studies

Edited by: Claudio Bendazzoli, Mariachiara Russo & Bart Defrancq


Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: a booming research field

Claudio Bendazzoli, Mariachiara Russo & Bart Defrancq (University of Turin, University of Bologna, & Ghent University)

Interpreting practice: developing and using corpora to study interpreting

Corpora worth creating: A pilot study on telephone interpreting

Sara Castagnoli & Natacha Niemants (University of Macerata & University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)

The translation challenges of premodified noun phrases in simultaneous interpreting from English into Italian

A corpus-based study on EPIC

Serena Ghiselli (University of Bologna, Italy)

On anaphoric pronouns in simultaneous interpreting

Ana Correia (University of Minho, Portugal)

Interpreting Universals: A study of explicitness in the intermodal EPTIC corpus

Niccolò Morselli (University of Bologna, Italy)

Looking up phrasal verbs in small corpora of interpreting

An attempt to draw out aspects of interpreted language

Andy Cresswell (University of Bologna, Italy)

Interpreter training: developing and using corpora to train interpreters

ANGLINTRAD: Towards a purpose specific interpreting corpus

Michela Bertozzi (Università di Bologna, Italy)

The TIPp project

Developing technological resources based on the exploitation of oral corpora to improve court interpreting

Mariana Orozco-Jutorán (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)