Special Issue: CULT2K

Edited by: Silvia Bernardini & Federico Zanettin



Silvia Bernardini & Federico Zanettin (University of Bologna, University of Perugia)


From French to English and back again

How a grammatical approach to corpus data can be useful to translation studies

Noëlle Serpollet (Lancaster University)

Using a Source Language Corpus in Translator Training

A resource for teaching and testing activities

Stephen Coffey (Università di Pisa)

On the importance of an encoding standard for corpus-based interpreting studies

Extending the TEI scheme

Marco Cencini

Where’s cultural adaptation

A corpus-based study on translation strategies

Anna Mauranen (University of Tampere, Finland)

Through the lexical labyrinth

Using polysemy and a large general corpus to introduce general technical vocabulary

Andy Cresswell (University of Bologna, Italy)

Corpora and the Innocent Translator

How can they help him [1]

Stella E. O. Tagnin (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)