La ricerca lessicografica in Italia e in Europa - Lexicographic research in Italy and in Europe

Pisa, 19-20 October 2007

New technologies have revolutionized linguistic research over the past few decades. A particularly fruitful application has been in the field of lexicography, where the ability to construct and analyze large collections of data has brought about fundamental transformations in the work of translators.

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Inchiesta sui traduttori di letteratura di consumo

a cura della Sezione Traduttori del Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori

La Sezione Traduttori del Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori (SNS)  promuove un’inchiesta per far luce sulla situazione dei traduttori delle pubblicazioni editoriali di consumo (rosa, gialli, fantasy, ecc.) che compaiono a scadenza periodica in edicole e librerie.

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TESTO A FRONTE 35 II Semestre 2006. Milano: Marcos Y Marcos. Pag. 350. € 22,00.

Per il centenario di Samuel Beckett - A cura di Andrea Inglese e Chiara Montini

L’ultimo numero del semestrale di teoria e pratica della traduzione letteraria TESTO A FRONTE è quasi interamente dedicato a studi italiani, in buona misura di taglio traduttologico, dell’opera di Samuel Beckett.

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Translating Voices

14-15 September 2007

In the first international conference Translating Voices, Translating Regions, the debate enriched the understanding of many perspectives on translation of regionalized languages, whilst emphasizing that there is much more to research. New areas of research call for widening the scope of the debate, so as to incorporate areas such as the impact of the SL into the norms and syntax of the TL and the cultural impact of dominating languages on the languages of minorities or regional languages.

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Two Canadian Classics, Bonheur d’occasion and Two Solitudes

Taking the Measure of the Intercultural Passage

The Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies, York University (Toronto, Canada) in partnership with the Centre d’études canadiennes, Université de Rouen and Identités culturelles, textes et théâtralité (ICTT), Université d’Avignon—International Conference “Two Canadian Classics, Bonheur d’occasion and Two Solitudes: Taking the Measure of the Intercultural Passage” to be held on September 25, 26, 2007 at the Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France.

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Third International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia

The conference is directed at academics from various disciplines as well as translators and students who are interested in the translation of dialects in multimedia contexts.

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Stefano Arduini – Ubaldo Stecconi: MANUALE DI TRADUZIONE - Teorie e figure professionali.

Rome: Carocci. 212 pages – €18,00. ISBN: 978-88–430–3968–5 Order online from:

“Manuale di traduzione” responds to the recent translation boom in Italy’s higher education, where training and research opportunities are now offered by about 50 institutions, large and small.

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Translation Research Summer School 2007

18-29 June 2007, University College London (UCL)

The TRANSLATION RESEARCH SUMMER SCHOOL (TRSS), a joint initiative of three British universities, organizes an annual two-week course offering intensive research training in translation and intercultural studies for prospective researchers in the field.


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