6th International Languages and The Media Conference and Exhibition

Berlin, 25 - 27 October 2006

Free Access - Priceless Rights?
The proliferation of distribution channels for news, information and entertainment (public and private broadcasting, digital TV and cinema, video-on-demand, pay TV, cable, satellite, DSL, DVD, internet, mobile content, download-to-own services, paid and free content, etc.) and constantly diversifying audiences are creating new and exciting scenarios for language transfer and applications. Translation takes on new meaning in this global distribution network and the cost-deadlines-quality equation is volatile.

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AFLS Symposium at the University of East Anglia - 3rd - 4th November 2006

Cross-Cultural Pragmatics at a Crossroads: Speech Frames and Cultural Perceptions

This interdisciplinary event will bring together, under the umbrella of cross-cultural pragmatics, researchers from domains which are particularly sensitive to cross-cultural issues, to promote the cross-fertilisation of ideas and theoretical approaches, and explore key concerns associated with verbal communication across language, culture and acquisitional divides.

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Why Translation Studies Matters
3rd – 5th September 2007, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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20 -22 ottobre 2006, Università di Urbino
A cura di Stefano Arduini e Ilide Carmignani
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IV Ibero-American Conference on Translation and Interpretation (IV CIATI)

The Process of Translation: a never-ending story

14 – 17 May, 2007

São Paulo, Brazil

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[i]Translation Studies[/i] - New international peer-reviewed journal

First issue January 2008

This journal aims to extend the areas of interest, methodologies and conceptual frameworks inside the discipline of Translation Studies, while testing the traditional boundaries of the notion of ‘translation’ and offering a forum for debate focusing on historical, social, institutional and cultural issues that are strongly rooted in the text level, but also go far beyond it.

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Translating Voices, Translating Regions

Nigel Armstrong Federico M. Federici (eds.)

The aims of Translating Voices, Translating Regions are to explore the question of practices and theories in the translation of marginal voices, not only in written literature, but also in audio-visual translation in general and dubbing in particular, a process which is particularly strong in the French and Italian film industries.

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Translation Studies at the Interface of Disciplines

Edited by João Ferreira Duarte, Alexandra Assis Rosa and Teresa Seruya

Translation Studies has been defined in terms of spatial metaphors stressing the need for disciplinary border crossings, with the purpose of borrowing different approaches, orientations and tools from diverse academic fields. Such territorial incursions have resulted in a more thorough exploration of the home province, as this volume is designed to show.

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