The Turns of Translation Studies

New paradigms or shifting viewpoints?

by Mary Snell Hornby

What’s new in Translation Studies? In off ering a critical assessment of recent developments in the young discipline, this book sets out to provide an answer, as seen from a European perspective today. Many “new” ideas actually go back well into the past, and the German Romantic Age proves to be the starting-point. Th e main focus lies however on the last 20 years, and, beginning with the cultural turn of the 1980s, the study traces what have turned out since then to be ground-breaking contributions (new paradigms) as against what was only a change in position on already established territory (shift ing viewpoints). Topics of the 1990s include nonverbal communication, gender-based Translation Studies, stage translation, new fi elds of interpreting studies and the eff ects of new technologies and globalization (including the increasingly dominant role of English). Th e author’s aim is to stimulate discussion and provoke further debate on the current profi le and future perspectives of Translation Studies.
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Benjamins Translation Library, 66 2006. xi, 205 pp. Hardback: 90 272 1673 8 EUR 115.00 / USD 138.00 Paperback: 90 272 1674 6 EUR 33.00 / USD 39.95
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Posted by Chris Rundle on 18th Sep 2006
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