[b]RiLUnE no. 4[/b]

Traduzione Tradizione? Paths in the European Literary Polysystem

The bilingual refereed journal RiLUnE ( [url=http://www.rilune.org]www.rilune.org [/url], ISSN 1827-7047) has just published its 4th issue, devoted to the role of literary translation in shaping a European cultural conscience. Edited by Enrico Monti and Fabio Regattin, the issue aims to offer a multilingual and multifaceted view of the European literary scene, by gathering contributions from scholars from as many as ten different countries (European and non-European).

Full-text articles are available in pdf format from RiLUnE's bilingual website at: [url=http://www.rilune.org/ENGLISH/mono4/translation01.htm]www.rilune.org/ENGLISH/mono4/translation01.htm [/url] (French version available at: [url=http://www.rilune.org/mono4/traduction.htm]http://www.rilune.org/mono4/traduction.htm [/url]). Please send your comments or suggestions to: [email]rilune@unibo.it [/email].

Posted by Enrico Monti on 13th Sep 2006
in New Publications

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