Submitting a contribution


We welcome academic articles on any subject related to translation or interpreting - from all potential perspectives. We are currently able to consider contributions in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

All submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process.

We encourage authors to restrict themselves to a maximum of 7,000-7,500 words including notes and references.

All submissions must include the following:

  • a short abstract both in English and in the language of the article, where applicable
  • a set of  keywords in English and in the language of the article, where applicable

In a separate document:

  • contact details and institutional address of the author(s)
  • a short biosketch of the author(s)

Important notice

  • Please note that we will not consider articles that have also been submitted to other journals for consideration. And we will refuse to consider any future submissions from authors that are found to have ignored this condition.
  • Please also note that we will not accept multiple submissions. If you submit more than one article at a time then your submission will be ignored.

Please send submissions as a Word document to:
We do not accept submissions in PDF format.

Stylesheet: Your submission should comply with our stylesheet which you can download here.

No charges: there are no processing or publication charges with this journal.

Copyright: in line with our non-commerical, open-access policy, authors retain unrestricted copyright and publishing rights over their contributions. We do ask that, in the event of a contribution being re-published in another venue, an acknowledgement of the original publication in this journal be included.

Ethical code: Please read our Ethical code before submitting your work. Download it here.

Guest-edited Special Issues

If you would like to propose a guest-edited Special Issue then please submit your proposal using this form: download.


For all enquiries concerning reviews please write to our review editor at:


We welcome suggestions for future debates and if you would like to submit a proposal then please send a detailed outline, including the themes and the possible participants, to:


We welcome proposals for our new Monographs section. If you would like to submit a proposal then please send a detailed outline to:


We welcome proposals for our Translations section. All translations should be accompanied by a short critical commentary. Please note that it is the responsability of the translator to obtain the necessary permissions to publish. Please send all proposals, including a short bioskectch, to:


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