Cities in Translation: Intersections of Language and Memory

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Reviewed by: Paschalis Nikolaou

Dialogue interpreting. A guide to interpreting in Public Services and the Community

Rebecca Tipton & Olgierda Furmanek (2016)

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Media and translation. An interdisciplinary approach

Dror Abend-David (2014)

Reviewed by: Elena Di Giovanni

L’estremo è un po’ più vicino

Franco Nasi (2015)

Reviewed by: Fabio Regattin

Scientific and Technical Translation

Maeve Olohan (2016)

Reviewed by: Sofia Malamatidou

Recensione della nuova traduzione in italiano di The Years di Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf, trad. Antonio Bibbò (2015)

Reviewed by: Sara Sullam

Tradurre Figure / Translating Figurative Language

Donna R. Miller & Enrico Monti (eds) (2014)

Reviewed by: Gill Philip

Censorship, Indirect Translations and Non-Translations.

Jaroslav Spirk (2014)

Reviewed by: Alessandra Calvani