Il linguaggio specialistico del turismo

Aspetti storici, teorici e traduttivi

di Giovanna Nigro, Roma: Aracne, 2006, 10 euro

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Staging Translated Plays: Adaptation, Translation and Multimediality. Drama Studio, University of East Anglia 29 June-1 July 2007

The conference focuses on the practice of staging translations and adaptations of all kinds of drama. We want to explore the links between translated texts and performance and open up a discussion on the (im?)possibility of defining the relationship between translated text and performance.

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Third International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia - University of Bologna at Forlì 10-12 May 2007

The conference is directed at academics from various disciplines as well as translators and students who are interested in the translation of dialects in multimedia contexts. The conference will concentrate on a complex, interdisciplinary subject area involving linguistics, communication studies, film studies and translation studies as well as other areas of cultural studies, sociology and other disciplines.

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Translation and Activism

1st International Forum

University of Granada, Spain
28-30 April 2007

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PROCÉDURES EN TRADUCTION. Pour une analyse différentielle de l’erreur.  Michèle Lorgnet (sous la dir

« Cahiers du RAPT »,4,(Recherches sur les Aspects Psycholinguistiques de la Traduction) p.164 Coédition Harmattan Italia/Harmattan

Les paramètres régissant le contrôle et l’évaluation des fautes lors de la pratique et de l’apprentissage de la traduction – les « procédures » - ne semblent pas pouvoir être définis grâce à la simple analyse linguistique. Afin de circonscrire les pourquoi et les comment différentiels de la naissance, ou de la persistance, de l’erreur, le groupe de recherche du R.A.P.T. examine divers parcours cognitifs impliqués par la réécriture du traduire.

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Translation Technologies and Culture

Sixth Portsmouth Translation Conference, Saturday, 11th November 2006

For all information please log on to the conference website: which contains details of the
programme, the abstracts, the venue and online registration.

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6th International Languages and The Media Conference and Exhibition

Berlin, 25 - 27 October 2006

Free Access - Priceless Rights?
The proliferation of distribution channels for news, information and entertainment (public and private broadcasting, digital TV and cinema, video-on-demand, pay TV, cable, satellite, DSL, DVD, internet, mobile content, download-to-own services, paid and free content, etc.) and constantly diversifying audiences are creating new and exciting scenarios for language transfer and applications. Translation takes on new meaning in this global distribution network and the cost-deadlines-quality equation is volatile.

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