Thinking through Translation with Metaphors

Collected volume, edited by James St. André, to be published by St. Jerome

This edited volume aims to encourage members of the translation community to look more closely at the metaphors that too often constitute unspoken assumptions underlying our research in translation studies.

TILS 2008


Research in cross-lingual communication: theories and methodologies

University of Macerata, Italy
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Philological Research

1-2 February 2008

Chinese Discourse on Translation & International Translation Studies

Special issue of The Translator (Volume 15, Number 2, November 2009)

Guest-edited by Martha P. Y. Cheung

Translating Voices

14-15 September 2007

In the first international conference Translating Voices, Translating Regions, the debate enriched the understanding of many perspectives on translation of regionalized languages, whilst emphasizing that there is much more to research. New areas of research call for widening the scope of the debate, so as to incorporate areas such as the impact of the SL into the norms and syntax of the TL and the cultural impact of dominating languages on the languages of minorities or regional languages.


Third International Conference on the Translation of Dialects in Multimedia

The conference is directed at academics from various disciplines as well as translators and students who are interested in the translation of dialects in multimedia contexts.

2nd International “Media for All” Conference:

Text on screen, text on air

We are happy to invite contributions for the 2nd International Conference “Media For All” - Text on screen, text on air to be held at the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, in Leiria (Portugal), on 7-9 November 2007.

Translating (in) the Arab World

Edited by: Sameh Fekry Hanna, University College London

A new collection of essays to be published by St. Jerome.

The study of translation and interpreting has been Euro-centric since its inception (Bassnett and Lefevere 1998:138; Baker 1998:277-78). With the publication of John Benjamins’ Translators through History in 1995 and the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies in 1998, the latter including a large section on translation in a wide range of traditions, many scholars both within and outside the Western sphere began to engage with scholarly work on translation and interpreting written from the perspective of the West’s many ‘others’ (Nair 2002; Chan 2004; Faiq 2004; Hung and Wakabayashi 2005; Hermans 2006, Cheung 2006).

2nd International Conference “Media For All”

Text on screen, text on air

Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, in Leiria (Portugal), on 7-9 November 2007.